The card

The physical card of does not exist, but there is an excellent opportunity to save all our users, so all free and we give it to you. Watch the video.

The new weeAPP is available for iOS and Android, download it from the Apple Store or Play Store, is multifunctional and has countless benefits. Look for this symbol in the stores.

  • You can get money back to your app, to thousands of businesses all over Europe, hotels in Paris, restaurants in Rome, gyms, associations, at the local level, browse the map on your smartphone and search for the activity you need.
  • You can get a return of money on your card also by purchasing online on the official website wee, enter your card registration details and get a refund once the purchase is complete.
  • Once you have accumulated more than 50.- you can decide whether to spend it on a pizza with friends or send them to your account as a real savings.

Each merchant can have his own cashback card for his customers, with high fidelity and high visibility on the APP (if you have an activity and are interested click here!)

Now download the app and register at the data we sent you, your account is already active, you just have to use it!

Completely free!