How does TeamTransfer work?

TeamTransfer born from an idea of ​​coaches and football fans, trying to facilitate all the characters that play in a football field, including the companies.
The site is dedicated to players in and out of the field, and to companies that want to find their players and why not, their star players and get great results.
The need to widen the knowledge of football players, coaches and all the components of a football club, has led to the creation of this portal that generates a continuous dialogue between companies and actors in the field.
The players have a showcase where they can present themselves and communicate their professional expectations, while the companies have a wide range of choices among all the players and staff that allows them to create the team that has always been looking for a short time in the football field.
Players, coaches, trainers, doctors can change or find a team, companies can build a team of 0.

How does it work?

1. A player, of any age, subscribes to the site by entering all the data, the role itself, the best game skills, experience and aspirations; this applies to all the other roles: coach, masseur, physiotherapist, athletic trainer, youth sector manager, goalkeeper coach, match analyst, etc..

2. An interested company consults the portal and when it finds someone of its interest, it comes into direct contact with the person who registered; initially the contact is anonymous, when the agreement arrives the parties are revealed, always at their discretion. Respect for privacy is of fundamental importance.

3. If no one is available, the search can be saved and the company will be notified when a new member with the required characteristics will be present in the database. You can also enter a search ad yourself that will be seen by members in that role.
In this way, his research will be two-fold and therefore more complete, with quick, safe and effective results.

The forms completed in the most detailed and complete way are the most consulted and chosen, the professional history indicates the level of experience necessary to be profiled in the most correct way.