The site forms are suitable for any age or experience of the player, coach and all the figures that make up a football team and must indicate your professional characteristics.

You can register all the people who want to play or be part of a football club, no matter which division.
It is strictly necessary to insert correct data in order to be contacted based on what is written.
If this is not the case, our team will delete the false account and it will not be possible to return the amount paid.

In case you want to enroll a boy / girl under the age of 18, the identity of a parent or guardian is extremely necessary.

Your real data will never be visible, you will be contacted based on your game characteristics, age, place and experience.

Your identity will be revealed by yourself when I deem it appropriate after being contacted, based on your needs and the needs of the research company.

The form is simple: enter your data, which will remain in the database of Teamtransfer.football without being disclosed to third parties, integrate what you also have at a journalistic level as articles, outputs in magazines that talk about you (if you want to hide the name or leave it in this case you will be recognized, or you can show them later).

In the free field below write what you want to get, what do you expect from the new contact, what you would like to get at a professional level, your level of play.
The more details there are, the more you will have the chance to be contacted by the company that is closer to your aspirations.