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Bring your passion into
the field and get ready
for the big challenges
with a new team.

Are you a football trainer?

Find your ideal team and with your experience make your players grow.

The athletic trainer

Search for your team and train the physical part of your players to overcome big challenges.

Become a great goalkeeper with TeamTransfer

Are you a good and determined goalkeeper? Or do not you find the right team for you?

Head of the youth sector

Find the ideal team to help the coaching team with the best training in the youth sector.

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Match Analyist


Sector Youth Manager




Mental Coach


Sports doctor


Athletic trainers






Goalkeepers coaches




Sporting Director

TeamTransfer revolutionizes the transfer market.

TeamTransfer revolutionizes the transfer market.

Dedicated to professionals and amateurs of the football world and to the companies they are looking for
new figures and roles to be integrated into the team.

TeamTransfer is a portal dedicated to all sectors of football: professional, amateur, youth sector, male and female. For those who want to get involved.

Professionals and non-football players enter the national and international market with a complete and detailed information sheet.

TeamTransfer makes it easier and faster to search for players, athletic trainers, and masseurs from companies that want to create new teams or raise levels of existing ones, and achieve great goals.

Club`s will get to know new champions and create winning teams, find the exact figures that are missing for each role.

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Make your first goal!

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Make your first goal!

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TeamTransfer is the new portal created to be found by any national and international football club.

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You have a role in football and you want:

Level up or change role

You know you can do more but the team you are in now does not offer great prospects for your player career, to improve we have to learn and train with a different team.

Turn your passion into a profession

If you really want to launch yourself as a professional in the world of football, TeamTransfer will offer you the best of possibilities thanks to the clubs that consult our database.

Get yourself found by another company, your country or a foreigner

TeamTransfer is your main showcase to introduce you to the world of national and international football.
Subscribe by entering as many accurate data as you can; in this way the clubs will be able to know you more accurately.

Change team

You want to improve your game and your performances with new teams, new teammates, new coaches.

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Make your first goal!

Finding announcements from societies looking for missing roles.

Companies looking for a football professional (coach, footballer, masseur, athletic trainer) insert an announcement with specific characteristics. If your profile matches the companies you find and contact you, you can also propose yourself to their ads.

Get you know in the football world

If you have not had your chance so far to make yourself known in the football world as a professional, TeamTransfer offers you this possibility.

Access the market with TeamTransfer

Every day football professionals sign up to TeamTransfer to get involved and find the company that will win them.

Find the champion for your team.

For all categories: professionals, youth, men, women.

Look for the roles that are lacking in your society here

TeamTransfer allows small and large companies to quickly and safely find new experts for their team: football players, coaches, athletic trainers, masseurs come into play to win the biggest challenges.

You have a football club and you want:

Find the missing players, young or adults, to create the teams you want.

You miss the ace up your sleeve! The player who will make the team turn in the field and lead it to victory. You miss the captain who gives added value to his teammates and leads them to the goal! Find it here in TeamTransfer.

Prevent and treat ailments

A high level masseur that keeps your kids always fit. Look for it in TeamTransfer.

The ideal goalkeeper for your teams

Right age, ideal athletic preparation, availability and predisposition for growth and dedication of the role. To everyone his: find the right goalkeeper for your team.

The coach is the keystone

Everyone knows that: if you have a coach who not only creates winning tactical schemes, he is also an excellent coach for your boys, then you have found the champion who leads your team to the top. Find among the best candidates in TeamTransfer!

Create a team from scratch

Here you can! Create a football team, from the player to the goalkeeper to the coach, without forgetting the technicians and the masseurs. From all over the country and the world, look at the profiles of the most successful professionals on the market.

Join TeamTransfer and find the best professionals for your team.

Create your team!

Athletic trainer

In great affinity with the coach, the athletic trainer is a key piece of the team to have your boys prepared for high athletic performance.

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Nothing could be easier than creating a team where all the roles are available and ready to create your winning team. Post your ad by entering all the necessary data that make the search easy, safe and fast.


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